Albitar Foundations Services

ALBITAR has an extensive selection of drilling equipments of various capabilities and is able to supply the most suitable equipments for the requirements of individual sites.

ALBITAR continues to be innovative as well as creative, with new equipments and improved tooling to help customers get the best possible product.

ALBITAR is capable of completing the most challenging of jobs in a timely and economical manner.

ALBITAR designs many types of shoring systems: slope stabilization systems, cantilever piles, secant piles, braced excavations, anchors, nails and shortcrete…

ALBITAR is the only company in Lebanon that has the (VDW-FOW) front of wall drilling system.

ALBITAR is also specialized in sheet piling and soil emprovement using vibro hammer and vibroflation method.

ALBITAR has experience for more than 30 years in piles, secant piles, anchors, shotcrete, dewatering and excavations below water levels.

Many engineers design projects, supervise and follow the workshops.

There are more than 50 workers who work hardly and got a large experience in this field.

Earth Rentention Systems

  • Temporary Excavation Support

    • Soldier Beam & Lagging
    • Soil Nail Walls
  • Permanent Excavation Support

    • Soldier Beam & Lagging
    • Soil Nail Walls
  • Secant Pile Walls

  • Shotcrete

    • Temporary & Permanent Shoring Applications
    • Structural Repair
    • Overhead & Miscellaneous
  • Soil Nailing

    • Temporary & Permanent
  • Temporary Dewatering

    • Construction Dewatering

Deep Foundation Solutions

  • Drilled Shafts

    • Cased Method
    • Segmental Casing Method
    • Slurry Method
  • Micropiles

    • Grouted
    • Helical
  • Rock Anchors

    • Mat Footing Uplift
    • Drilled Pier Uplift
  • Testing

    • Compression Load Testing
    • Tension Load Testing
    • Lateral Load Testing
    • Bi-Directional Load Testing (BDLT) / O-Cell / AFT-Cell
    • Statnamic Test

Our aim is to be the premier, leading and preferred Geotechnical Engineering, Shoring and Excavation Company in Lebanon.

Your partner for all ground engineering challenges

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