Construction significantly impacts the environment through use of materials and energy, producing waste and greenhouse gas emissions. The Albitar employ a systematic approach to complying with environmental regulations and manage equipment, materials, and processes to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Albitar have a proud history and reputation as successful businesses which have grown and innovated to meet challenges. Implementing sustainable business practices demonstrates responsible stewardship of natural resources. Sustainable practices can also produce significant cost savings and increase profits for us and our clients.

Albitar has technologies which reduce the use of concrete without compromising on the strength and capability of the solution. Material cost savings of around 20% are achieved using this sustainable method.

Our approach to sustainability can reduce the overall environmental impact of projects by establishing and operating on-site laboratories to test material quality, slurry density, viscosity & filtration, and back fill properties as part of the quality assurance program.

Albitar is committed to working with all people, including suppliers and clients, to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.

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