Diversity & Inclusion

Having a diverse organization, with many backgrounds and viewpoints, enables us to maintain our leadership in our industry. The Albitar ensure that all people are accorded equal opportunities for recruitment, training, promotion and transfer, and equal terms and conditions of employment.

We employ the following measures to ensure that all our employees are inspired and motivated, equipped with the skills, tools, and standards required to be successful.

  • A diverse and inclusive culture is a key factor in being a successful business. We value diversity and do not discriminate in any way unrelated to an individual’s ability to do the job.
  • We operate a high standard of ethics, clear values and an open, honest and timely dialogue with each other. We are all responsible for living up to our standards and treating each other with respect.
  • We encourage all employees to be responsible for managing themselves and provide each and every one development opportunities to enable employees to perform to their maximum potential.
  • We offer a fair market related package of pay and related benefits which recognize performance and achievements. Working together, each of us will contribute to and share in the success of our business.
  • We encourage employees to have a good work/life balance.
  • Providing our managers with the framework and policies to equally manage all our people and their careers.
  • We base our culture on our commitment to conduct our business according to our Code of Business Conduct.
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